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    We manage quality with effort and focus.

    FITTINGS has been specialized in manufacturing and distributing locking assemblies since 1995. We have attained the Certificate of ISO9001 in 2006 and IATF16949 in 2018. With the rapid growth of new energy vehicle market, FITTINGS accelerate the development of new product locking coupling for new energy vehicles as well. Result of 20 years’ experience in researching, developing, skills, technology, and fabrication, FITTINGS have acquired highly recognition by clients worldwide due to high quality and service in both locking assembly and new energy vehicle fields.

    ·Company Mission: We manage quality with effort and focus.
    ·Global Market: Europe, America, South and East Asia, etc.
    ·Manufacturing Standards: Euro standard, USA standard, GB/JB standard, non-standard, etc.
    ·Product Lines: Over 40 series, 3000 specifications (4 mm to 500 mm)
    ·Specific Requirements: Non-standard, nickel plated, chrome plated, zinc plated, black coating, etc.
    ·Independent R&D Products: 10 series high precision products of high concentricity (0.03 mm)
    ·Supply Ability: 100.000 pieces (sized below 50mm) in 15 days
    ·Scale: 9000㎡floor area, 8500㎡cover area, and 3000 m3 storage volume
    ·Employees: 100 to 150 employees (administrative staff occupies 8%)
    ·Production Facility: CNC lathe, CNC automatic feeding lathe, plain lathe, CNC driller machine, plain driller machine, full-automatic ultrasonic cleaners, laser marking machine etc.
    ·QC Equipment: Trilinear coordinate measuring machine, torque testing machine (6N.m to 100KN.m), hardness testing machine, portable pressure and hardness machine, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine, Salt spray corrosion tester etc.

    ·Environmental protection equipment: Membrane filter press, etc. 

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    Add: No.9 Jinfeng Road, Auto and Motor Industry Zone, ZHEJIANG, Zhejiang, China.
    Tel: +86-576-89909859 Fax: +86-576-89909866 E-mail: info@zjfittings.com